Re-Entry and Recovery

Re-Entry and Recovery (formerly “The Spirit of Recovery”) was initiated to develop community awareness of the cost of addiction to individuals, families, and the community,and to develop models to support recovery. 


Our goal is to educate, encourage, and honor those affected and afflicted by substance abuse.
Our desire is to stimulate the spiritual growth of all of those in our church family as we respond to the issues of addiction and recovery.
Within the wider community, we work with Judge Dean Stout and the Inyo County Drug Court to provide support and spiritual counsel to persons in recovery, including financial assistance for Drug Court costs, and providing a Sober Living residential program.
We also provide continuing support and structure for those who have successfully completed the Inyo County Drug Court program through The Drug Court Alumni Association.
We are also looking forward to expanding our impact by working with Judge Dean Stout through a new Re-Entry Court to empower persons who have experienced incarceration to stop the cycle of recidivism and live as productive members of the community.